Saturday, June 9, 2012


As excited as I was for a July release date for part one I don't see that happening. More like the end of this year. I want to make sure that you the reader get the quality novel that you deserve I am sorry for the delay and my editors have brought some great ideas to the table to make the first part even more epic. Stay tuned for more. But on a positive note...Mage eye beginnings will be out hopefully by the end of July and it will be free. I am also Looking for a name for a new capital city for the world of Darcodonius. It will be the capital city of the evil god Raziel suggestions? Leave comments here if you have one.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

So I have been working on my book trying my best to get it ready for a July publishing date, Well the more research I do the more I am realizing that it is not going to be that date. It would be more realistic for me to look for more of a December or even a January 2013 the actual part one of the book is almost done and should be finished by the end of this month, but I still have formatting for Ebook publishing and I haven't even got the Editing started yet. I would still like to get a good read over it and make adjustments as I see fit, to make the first part as enjoyable as I can for the readers. I have learned a lot over the past couple of months about the who self publishing in the Ebook world. I would like to share that knowledge by adding some links to some great books that have helped me on this journey. I know there is another one when I find it I will edit this post and include it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dolvarion Burial Song

“Udos vel'uss ph'zhuanth, zhuanth lu'numl, O ji zhuanth! Thou’sods d'drasven, thou’sods d'drasven, Ka jal zhahen della: Belbau ulu nindolen dhynen, hirs ulu l'tresk'ri, Natha xukuth nindel's gareth; Lu'l'verve wew-pothng klew'kinnen d'l'isto, Lu'l'edonil's linath: Udos sevir nindolen thac'zilen, l'shores d'l'tresk'ri, Ulu v'dre feir dal nesstren . Zhah gaer jalbyr i'dol, jalbyr i'dol? Tesso udossa ol t'yin: Udossa vel'uss ph'zhuanth, zhuanth lu'numl, O ji zhuanth! Thou’sods d'drasven, Thou’sods d'drasven, Ka jal zhahen della” (Translated as: We who are young, old and sad, O so sad! Thousands of years, thousands of years, we have lived: Give to this mortal, heir of the world, A heart that's strong; And the long dew-dropping hours of the night, And the twilight's song: you leave these lands, the shores of the world, To rest far from men. Is there another way, another path? Tell us it then: we who are young, old and sad, O so sad! Thousands of years, thousands of years, we have lived.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gamming in the world of Dracodonius

I have been toying with the idea, after the first part of the book is released, about looking into either the new Dungeons and Dragons edition or even a D20 role play rules and releasing the world of Dracodonius as a role playing world. I have been out of the pen and paper game scene for so long I have lost track of it. Since the world that I am writing about started off as a game world for my old AD&D group almost 20 years ago it would only be logical to make it a game world again even if it is a pen and paper game that stands alone. What do you the follower think? I have the maps and notes for the way the world works and even have the plains laid out for gaming off world so to speak, a time line so that DM's could place their characters in any point. I cold even create it where the player characters are adventuring during the time of the book. There is much more going on than what is being described in the book. My point is the limitations are limitless.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Continued efforts

Just an update for you the followers of Mage Eye, I am still working diligently on the second draft of the book. It is still slated to be released this summer (2012) so stay tuned. I am wondering what you think about steam punk? I have recently become fascinated with this genre and I was thinking about incorporating a cutler similar to it in my book.If you are not familiar with the fantasy world of Dracodonius it is what is considered an epic fantasy world. It is a world that of course has your standard Fantasy elements of Dragons (There are over 20 different kinds on Dracodonius), Wizards (Dracodonius has four kinds of Magic), elves (Several different species) and Knights (Four major Organizations); But did you know that there are also Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghosts in the world as well. I have tried very hard to incorporate all the elements of the Fantasy genre into my work. Steam Punk is the newest Gere I would like to work into the book. What do you the reader think? I think it would be an interesting concept to have in a world of Dragons and wizards, a society based on technology powered by steam. I think it would fit in well. It would be based more on the Victorian kind of society instead of the apocalyptic version. My stumbling block with this is weather to create a new race that would follow this path or create it to where the humans discovered this form of technology?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lots of Excitement building.

So if you know of me and chances are if you are following this blog then you know me personally then you know There is a lot of Excitement building for the release of Part one of Mage Eye: The Dracodonius Chronicles Part one. It should be out and the next three to four months. It will be available in E-Book format only for now. In anticipation for the books release I have made available several new items for you the viewer. Most of these you can view through the books Facebook page at the best one I think so far is the Books Trailer. Once my books Facebook page hits 50 likes I plan on releasing something for the hardcore fan/follower of my book. I can’t believe that my book will be out soon, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment for me to see it get to this point. Just so you the follower/fan know, I have decided to go with a different marketing plan. I will be releasing the book as a series of short novella’s these will comprise of about three chapters a piece and once they are all done I will release the deluxe version. I am doing this to keep the cost down for you the fan/follower. By doing it this way I can keep the cost to about $1.99 to $2.99 per book. The deluxe version of course will include all of the Novella’s as well as some extra’s that you will only be able to get with the Deluxe version. I am also working on a new website for you to be able to go to and view more information about the world in which Gemini, Ulaborn, and Silvara live. I will be planning on doing my best to keep this blog more interesting as well by updating it more, where you the reader can get more in depth information concerning the world of Dracodonius, Like the blog post on one of the interesting Holidays of the world and the Character profile of one of the gods of the world. So with out further ado here is the books Video Trailer for you to view. The excitement is building, people are talking, can Dracodonius be saved from Eschathus or will the companions be replacing one evil for another. Keep following and find out the date of the books release.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gilgleam God of Light and all things good

After working on the newest blog post concerning one of the gods of Dracodonius I have discovered that I do not like the names I have given the pantheon of my world. So I have renamed them and even came up with a few more. So the new list of gods goes as follows; gods of light: Gilgleam-god of good, Lan-god of nature, Koranor-god of Justice, Polor-god of the sky. gods of Neutralality: Setharus-god of Knowledge, Magivus-god of Magic, Chronesith-god of Time, Nefarus-god of the elements. gods of Darkness: Raziel- god of evil, Beltar- god of greed, Nerux- god of death, Korzann- god of war. That is a current list of the pantheon for Dracodonius. so without further adu here is the newest blog post centered around Major players in the upcoming book Mageeye: The Dracodonius Chronicles.

NAME: Gilgleam (Once known at Bogtharus) also known as The Platinum warrior, and the platinum Dragon.
One of the first gods to be woken in the great void, He is the known as the shining light that broke the void open. His Twin sister Raziel was the opposite; she is the one who wanted to keep the void closed. Between the two there was light and dark in the Void. They both brought with them other beings to populate the void. Gilgleam brought with him Lan, the goddess of Nature, and they became wed and had a son, Koranor. They also had a Daughter Polor. Gilgleam also brought with him his old friend Setharus who was a keeper of all knowledge. After all the immortals were gathered beings of light and Darkness as well as those who were loyal to both but neither, they decided to create a world. They created Dracodonius, Gilgleam inhabited the world with the elves. They are long lived races that have an affinity for Nature, out of respect for his wife, Lan. They had fair skin and hair that reflected the light, usually being blonde, light brown or other light colors. This was to reflect his affinity for the things of light and goodness. He taught the elves how to be one with the light and Lan taught them how to be one with Nature.

Gilgleam and the other gods left the world after inhabiting it with beings and creatures; it was shortly after this withdrawal that Gilgleam and the other gods discovered that their powers became stronger as the beings on Dracodonius worshiped them. This lead to the first war in the heavens, between Gilgleam and Raziel and the gods of light and dark, Raziel wanted to enslave the beings and force them to worship the gods to feed them more power, Gilgleam wanted to keep the free will of the beings intact so the gods went to war over this. Gilgleam lead the forces of Light against his twin who lead the forces of darkness. The heavens thundered and split open scaring the being that inhabited the world. This first war the mortal races never knew about and after the conclusion of it, the gods split the void up, the void became what the mortal called the outer planes. They were created by Gilgleam, Raziel, and Setharus and each god had a claim to a specific plane. Gilgleam and the gods of light claimed Celestia and the Beastlands, Raziel and her gods of darkness claimed Hades and the Abyss, Setharus and the gods of neutralality claimed the shadow and elemental planes. The remaining planes known as Archeron and Limbo were claimed by no one but are in a constant battle between the various denizens of the gods.

Gilgleam rules the gods of light from the platinum palace located at the top of the mighty mountain of Celestia. He has been known to visit the mortal plane of Dracodonius in great times of need and usually takes the form of an old man in blue robes, but has been known to engage his enimes as the great platinum warrior dressed in full plate mail armor astride a mighty winged warhorse. His constilation on the sky is that of a mighty dragon.