Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something is about to happen.

Seeing that Silvara was freed Gemini felt a small piece comes over him. This Dragon will pay.
“Ulaborn. Can you hold him off for a couple of minutes?” Gemini whispered to the Knight.
“Gladly” was the Response that Ulaborn gave the mage as the Knight rushed forward again.
Gemini started chanting the magical language, and Ulaborn now joined by Onyx and Silvara slashed at the dragon, Ulaborn having a re-born vigor that no one had seen before. His sword and shield weaving around in a pattern that seemed to counter every move the dragon made. Silvara’s dancing attack made her seem like some sort of angel of death, and Onyx just rushed in swinging his axe till it hit the dragon.
Gemini could feel the magical energies flowing into his body, and he felt the ground leave from under his feet. Looking down on his body Gemini knew he was now in the astral plane. Closing his eyes he opened them slowly and the world around him was now gone, it was replaced with a world very similar to what Gemini was used to but everything was bathed in a blue light. Then the Mage seen what he needed, and started to float towards it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Been a while

I know its been a long time since I have done any updates concerning the Book, but I have been very distracted. I am taking this week to put some serious time back into the book and try to get myself motivated once again. So I am putting ALL of my side projects and distractions on hold for this week and see if I can get motivated once again in writ ting. So here we go. I should be putting some updates up soon. Thank you for following Mageeye: The Dracodonius Chronicles.