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Enter Malstrix

Malstrix flew over the river known as the Dragon’s Forge; he did not understand why Eschathus had sent him to deal with this small band of humanoids. He felt that his skills would be better suited for a larger battle, not dealing with something as small as a little band. Malstrix continued his flight over the land when he spotted his prey. His auburn eyes catching sight of the knight, scanning the rest of the group he noticed a dwarf, Halfling, and an Elven woman. The knight was already standing with his sword drawn. The mighty red just smiled, he knew these pitiful beings were no match for him. Why Would Eschathus be concerned with them. Malstrix flew closer to the group, his plan simple, he would land incinerate them and eat the charred remains. Then fly back, even though this was a waist of his time he realized that it would not take long, and besides he needed the exercise, he thought as he smirked to himself. The red dragon pumped his wings harder to increase his speed, the thought of this little snack made the dragons belly rumble a bit. Landing in front of the small grove of trees Malstrix roared. He knew it would be a matter of seconds for the dragon fear to take hold of them all. Looking at the small group he expected to see them paralyzed with fear, instead he was met with a group who was standing spread out so that his dragon flame would not get them all. Each one had their weapons drawn, prepared to fight to the death from the look in their eyes.

That is when he noticed a fifth person there, he did not see them before, and this individual was hidden in the shadows of the trees, his robes almost making him invisible. The Red Dragon noticed the staff, as the figure walked out of the shadows, pulling back his cowl. The Dragon realized why Eschathus feared this group. Gemini was known as the Dragon Mage, Malstrix knew this, but why? Why would someone as powerful as Eschathus fear this mere mortal? Then a thought occurred to Malstrix, if he killed the Mage he would become a hero and would have a special claim in Eschathus’ new world.



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Chapter three excerpt

Gemini followed Silvara to the small wooded area to watch over her, He had enough bad feelings for the loss of the Priestess, even if he did not like her, he could feel the loss weighed heavy on the others. He would not be responsible for the loss of another. He watched the elven warrior from the shadows. He had never stopped to realize how beautiful she was. Seeing her standing there something stirred inside Gemini. He turned his head away not knowing how to handle the feelings he was having. Walking away the Mage thought to himself “This cannot be happing, I cannot develop ‘feelings’ for someone. It will interfere with my plans.” Walking back to the small camp fire the Mage sat leaning on a tree, then closed his eyes trying to suppress these new feeling.

Onyx turned the meat which he now had on a stick making sure it was cooking evenly, Fox stood there watching the Dwarf, his small mouth watering from the smell of the cooked meat. Ulaborn sat on a log sharpening a dagger when Silvara returned. The Elf cast a glance at the Mage who looked up when she entered the small makeshift camp. She noticed he looked away faster than normal when their eyes met. She kept her eyes on the mage and noticed a look of pain cross the Mage’s face, but he continued to keep his eyes averted.

Gemini could not look at the Elf, something deep started to surface, when she entered the camp. For the first time in his life, Gemini was at a loss as to what to do. The only thing he could think of was to turn his eyes away. As he closed them and tried to lose himself in his thoughts he heard a not so unfamiliar sound. The Arkane turned an ear towards the sky; sure enough it’s what he feared. He was on his feet in a split second.

Ulaborn looked at the mage puzzled; he had not seen the Mage get to his feet so fast before, he knew that was not a good sign. Drawing his sword he cocked his ear as well that is when he heard it also, the sound of great leathery wings flapping in the wind. Then he saw what his ears heard, coming over the horizon he could see it. A great red Dragon, its leathery wings, was bringing it on a direct course for the small group.

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Dragons in Dracodonius??

So do you think the companions could handle a dragon? Find out from a chapter three update coming soon. Their first encounter with the monstrous beasts of the land. Will they survive stay tuned to find out.


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Windows Live Writer

So I have downloaded the Windows live add-ons and this is a test post to see how it works out. I am trying to make sure that everything is linked up and easy for me to keep in touch with my fans


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Special Offer

To Celebrate the completion of Chapter two I am releasing a Celebration Edition of MageEye: The Dracodonius Chronicles. It is designed for the Fan of my book. It will also have some of the Editied changes I have come across. I am only offering it through this blog so if you are interested in this exclusive PDF of MageEye: The Dracodonius Chronicles The Celebration Edition leave a comment to this blog post, And as Always thanks for Following Mage Eye.

Chapter two finished

Chapter is officially finished, and to celebrate I am offering a PDF of chapters one and two to anyone interested. Keep in mind that this work is copyrighten Certificate of Registration number at the Library of Congress Copyright office

A Gift from a Freind

“I am truly sorry Amanda; it was my folly that caused your death. I should have never agreed to help the mage. I let the taste for revenge touch my soul and I jumped into this without even thinking of the outcome. How many more will be lost on this quest?”
Wiping a tear from his face Ulaborn turned sharply on his heels and started towards the inn, that is when he seen a small light coming from a grove of trees. Pulling his sword the knight went to investigate. The light seemed to be moving, the closer he got to it the further away it seemed, I should go get the others he thought to himself, but he could only keep going towards the light. Soon he was in the thick of the woods, and the light stopped, and started moving towards him at a rapid pace. Ulaborn removed the shield from his back and raised his sword in a defensive position. The light was moving at an incredible rate and was soon upon the Knight. Positioning his feet for the impact Ulaborn looked over the top of his shield, the light was upon him but no force was felt. Looking around Ulaborn was surrounded in a bright light, as bright as the sun; he used his hand to shield some of the light out of his eyes. It was then that he heard a familiar voice.
“Ulaborn my friend, do not be hard on yourself, be happy for me. I am with the goddess Lan now. I will be with you until we are reunited in the spirit world. You must continue with this quest, Gemini will need you as will the others. Eschathus must be defeated or all is lost.”
Turning around the Knight looked for where the voice came from, but could only see light, “Amanda is that you? Where are you?” The light started to dim Ulaborn just kept looking for the source of the voice. And just as quickly as the light had come it was gone. The Knight fell to his knees dropping his sword and shield. Looking up to the sky he simply closed his eye, saying a silent prayer it was then that he felt something in his hand, looking down he seen the necklace that Amanda wore after her encounter with the goddess Lan. Calmness spread over him and retrieving his weapons Ulaborn was on his feet walking back to the inn.

Gemini Doros Fonstand

Gemini Doros Fonstand is an Arkane standing about 5 feet tall. He is extremely fragile looking and has silver skin. His hair is snow white and his face shows his delicate skeletal features, such as sunken check bones and deep eye sockets. His most prominent feature though is his eyes; they are Blood red with vertical slits for pupils, making him look Draconic. This feature has given him the nick name of the Dragon Mage. No other Arkane has ever been born with this feature; some feel this is due to when he drained the life energy of his brother in the womb. It has been said that he has the power of two Arkanes, but that is just speculation, The Arkane race look to Gemini as a hero and a savior of their race. Gemini is the most powerful of his kind, but like most Arkanes he wants more power, but Gemini is not just content with power, he seeks to become an Immortal. Gemini serves no god and follows no rulers. He does what he wants and lets no one control him. He is very comfortable in the shadows and tends to shy away from the light. He keeps his robes tight around him and his cowl pulled over his face keeping it in the shadows at all times, his eyes are usually the only feature that can be seen, and for Gemini that is enough. He always carries his staff with him and it is never very far from his grasp, even in his sleep his hand will reach out and caress the staff.
Gemini was born in the Dolvarion Forest to Arcanus and Hera, who were the third Generations of Arkanes created by Magivus, in the year 500. The Dolvarion Elves had taken the Arkane race into their forest realm since they had no homeland of their own. Gemini was born with a twin brother who died shortly after their birth drained of its life force apparently by Gemini who was very fragile to begin with. This apparent murder alarmed the Dolvarion Elves who kept an extremely close eye on him as he grew. Gemini showed great power in the Arcane Arts at a very young age even for an Arkane. It was when he was 45 years old that he started using some of the Darker Arts and was soon banished from the Dolvarion Forest. His mother and father were outraged at this misunderstanding on Gemini’s behalf and soon all the Arkanes left the company of the Dolvarion Elves.
For 15 years the Arkanes traveled the land and encountered many of the other races, all of which considered the Arkanes Devils and or Demons and they were never trusted. Gemini’s Power increased as he got older and soon he was declared as the leader of the Arkanes. It was Gemini’s first encounter with the Humans that finally drove him to find a refuge for his people. He was in Dragonmoore getting some supplies when he saw a group of slavers whipping a pair of Arkane slaves. Outraged Gemini killed the slaver and freed the Arkanes, it was then that he discovered this was not the first time the Arkanes were forced into slavery. The few that did not reside in the Dolvarion Forest when Gemini was born were captured and either killed or sold into slavery, they were not as powerful in the arcane arts to free themselves. The ruler of Dragonmoore at the time sought to kill Gemini for the death of the slaver, who was his brother. He sent out a small army to put an end to the Arkane threat once and for all.
The small contingent of knights soon found the Arkane encampment and a battle soon began. It was a battle of Steel versus Magic it was on the third day of the battle that Gemini grew tired of the Arkane deaths and stood on a hill. Calling on all his arcane power Gemini unleashed a powerful spell destroying the human army sent to kill the Arkanes and Gemini. The other Arkanes looked to Gemini in amazement and seeing the looks on his people face, Gemini decided that the Arkanes should have a land that they could call their own. For months they traveled and in the northern most part of Dracodonius Gemini discovered a massive tower. None know who or what built this tower but it was ancient. Gemini entered the tower and was attacked by demons, using his magic he eventually conquered the towers denizens, and claimed the tower as his own. Once he claimed the tower is was the land around the tower that he also claimed as his own for the people and soon the first city was built, Arcanium. It was during his time in the tower that Gemini learned more magic from some of the ancient tomes that were in the tower, it was also in the tower that Gemini found the staff that he carries with him where ever he goes, the staff seems to be very powerful but there are no records of it anywhere and no one seems to know anything about it. Gemini has learned how to use some of the staff’s power but still has a lot to learn about it, but one thing is known Gemini will never let the staff out of his sight not his reach. Gemini Spent the next 745 years in the tower and never came out. No one knows what he was doing in the tower but soon the name Gemini was just a memory.
Then in the year 1285 the war of the Immortals broke out, and Gemini was forced to interact with the world once again. The Arkanes chose to fight on behalf of their patron god Magivus, and with their help the gods of evil were faced with a threat that they did not expect, Gemini. Gemini was one of the major factors during the War, and it was his power combined with the other free races of Dracodonius that the gods of evil were pushed back to the Abyss, but because some of the Arkanes were fighting alongside the forces of evil most of the Arkanes were considered traitors, Out of all the races in Dracodonius only the Arkanes, fought on both sides of the war. This brought Gemini to his knees in seeing how the promise of Power will corrupt his people. It was after the war that Gemini renounced any allegiance to the gods, seeing how petty they can be and how arrogant they are to a point in which they would destroy their own world. Once again Gemini locked himself in his tower and was not heard from again for many years.
When Eschathus emerged from the Burning valley, it was the gods who called on Gemini to save the world. They only fear with his lust for power will they be getting rid of one threat to the world and replacing it with another.

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What is Going on?

The next morning everyone woke and gathered in the dining hall. They were met with strange glances from the towns folk who had gathered there to eat for the morning.
"You would think that they would be greatful That we freed them from the Whisperes, but I have felt snow that is warmer than the glances from these people." Onyx stated.
"It matters not",Gemini stated looking back at the common people, "The Whispers' needed to be dealt with. They are a tool used by Eschathus in this war. If we had left them in control of this town then it would have been another foot hold for her to control the land."
"Just as we are tools for whatever plan you have once Eschathus is gone?" Snapped Silvara.
Gemini looked at the Elf and smiled a twisted smile, "Think what you will Woman." Then the mage stood and walked out of the inn.

Chapter Two

Chapter two is almost complete, The companions have just buried one of their own and are preparing to leave Draconia. Stay tuned for more