Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chapter three excerpt

Gemini followed Silvara to the small wooded area to watch over her, He had enough bad feelings for the loss of the Priestess, even if he did not like her, he could feel the loss weighed heavy on the others. He would not be responsible for the loss of another. He watched the elven warrior from the shadows. He had never stopped to realize how beautiful she was. Seeing her standing there something stirred inside Gemini. He turned his head away not knowing how to handle the feelings he was having. Walking away the Mage thought to himself “This cannot be happing, I cannot develop ‘feelings’ for someone. It will interfere with my plans.” Walking back to the small camp fire the Mage sat leaning on a tree, then closed his eyes trying to suppress these new feeling.

Onyx turned the meat which he now had on a stick making sure it was cooking evenly, Fox stood there watching the Dwarf, his small mouth watering from the smell of the cooked meat. Ulaborn sat on a log sharpening a dagger when Silvara returned. The Elf cast a glance at the Mage who looked up when she entered the small makeshift camp. She noticed he looked away faster than normal when their eyes met. She kept her eyes on the mage and noticed a look of pain cross the Mage’s face, but he continued to keep his eyes averted.

Gemini could not look at the Elf, something deep started to surface, when she entered the camp. For the first time in his life, Gemini was at a loss as to what to do. The only thing he could think of was to turn his eyes away. As he closed them and tried to lose himself in his thoughts he heard a not so unfamiliar sound. The Arkane turned an ear towards the sky; sure enough it’s what he feared. He was on his feet in a split second.

Ulaborn looked at the mage puzzled; he had not seen the Mage get to his feet so fast before, he knew that was not a good sign. Drawing his sword he cocked his ear as well that is when he heard it also, the sound of great leathery wings flapping in the wind. Then he saw what his ears heard, coming over the horizon he could see it. A great red Dragon, its leathery wings, was bringing it on a direct course for the small group.

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