Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Gift from a Freind

“I am truly sorry Amanda; it was my folly that caused your death. I should have never agreed to help the mage. I let the taste for revenge touch my soul and I jumped into this without even thinking of the outcome. How many more will be lost on this quest?”
Wiping a tear from his face Ulaborn turned sharply on his heels and started towards the inn, that is when he seen a small light coming from a grove of trees. Pulling his sword the knight went to investigate. The light seemed to be moving, the closer he got to it the further away it seemed, I should go get the others he thought to himself, but he could only keep going towards the light. Soon he was in the thick of the woods, and the light stopped, and started moving towards him at a rapid pace. Ulaborn removed the shield from his back and raised his sword in a defensive position. The light was moving at an incredible rate and was soon upon the Knight. Positioning his feet for the impact Ulaborn looked over the top of his shield, the light was upon him but no force was felt. Looking around Ulaborn was surrounded in a bright light, as bright as the sun; he used his hand to shield some of the light out of his eyes. It was then that he heard a familiar voice.
“Ulaborn my friend, do not be hard on yourself, be happy for me. I am with the goddess Lan now. I will be with you until we are reunited in the spirit world. You must continue with this quest, Gemini will need you as will the others. Eschathus must be defeated or all is lost.”
Turning around the Knight looked for where the voice came from, but could only see light, “Amanda is that you? Where are you?” The light started to dim Ulaborn just kept looking for the source of the voice. And just as quickly as the light had come it was gone. The Knight fell to his knees dropping his sword and shield. Looking up to the sky he simply closed his eye, saying a silent prayer it was then that he felt something in his hand, looking down he seen the necklace that Amanda wore after her encounter with the goddess Lan. Calmness spread over him and retrieving his weapons Ulaborn was on his feet walking back to the inn.

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