Monday, February 28, 2011

What is going on?

Well I have no would like to work on the book some more since I have given my self till the end of this year to get it completed, but I am not sure that will be a reality since I haven’t worked on it since December of 2010. and here it is the day before march. Well I am hoping to change that. I have found that my problem is because I work 10 hours at work I am completely brain dead by the time I get home. That presents the problem of me being creative enough to write. So what do I do…I play star trek online, which requires no thought, just button pushing. So I am going to try and create myself a new schedule where I try to write at least an hour a day, hopefully more if I can get the creative juices flowing. Right now here is what my schedule looks like, and keep in mind I only get one day off a week, but my normal day to day schedule looks like this:

1:30pm leave for work

2:00pm work

12:00am leave  work

12:30am get home

12:45am get done eating

1:00am Log into star trek online

4:30am Go to bed

12:00pm wake up

12:30pm Shower and get ready for work

repeat the cycle.

Here is what I am hoping I can change, Instead of spending 1am to 4:30am playing STO I was hoping to spend say either 1am to 2am or 3:30am to 4:30 am working on the book. I am still playing with the time table right now, but the main hurdle I have to over come is not being brain dead when I get home from work. I have all these ideas in my head while I am at work but by the time I get home..they are gone. and my brain is totally taxed from work. Well wish me luck and till next time.