Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enter Malstrix

Malstrix flew over the river known as the Dragon’s Forge; he did not understand why Eschathus had sent him to deal with this small band of humanoids. He felt that his skills would be better suited for a larger battle, not dealing with something as small as a little band. Malstrix continued his flight over the land when he spotted his prey. His auburn eyes catching sight of the knight, scanning the rest of the group he noticed a dwarf, Halfling, and an Elven woman. The knight was already standing with his sword drawn. The mighty red just smiled, he knew these pitiful beings were no match for him. Why Would Eschathus be concerned with them. Malstrix flew closer to the group, his plan simple, he would land incinerate them and eat the charred remains. Then fly back, even though this was a waist of his time he realized that it would not take long, and besides he needed the exercise, he thought as he smirked to himself. The red dragon pumped his wings harder to increase his speed, the thought of this little snack made the dragons belly rumble a bit. Landing in front of the small grove of trees Malstrix roared. He knew it would be a matter of seconds for the dragon fear to take hold of them all. Looking at the small group he expected to see them paralyzed with fear, instead he was met with a group who was standing spread out so that his dragon flame would not get them all. Each one had their weapons drawn, prepared to fight to the death from the look in their eyes.

That is when he noticed a fifth person there, he did not see them before, and this individual was hidden in the shadows of the trees, his robes almost making him invisible. The Red Dragon noticed the staff, as the figure walked out of the shadows, pulling back his cowl. The Dragon realized why Eschathus feared this group. Gemini was known as the Dragon Mage, Malstrix knew this, but why? Why would someone as powerful as Eschathus fear this mere mortal? Then a thought occurred to Malstrix, if he killed the Mage he would become a hero and would have a special claim in Eschathus’ new world.



Pic From Draconika.com

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