Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gilgleam God of Light and all things good

After working on the newest blog post concerning one of the gods of Dracodonius I have discovered that I do not like the names I have given the pantheon of my world. So I have renamed them and even came up with a few more. So the new list of gods goes as follows; gods of light: Gilgleam-god of good, Lan-god of nature, Koranor-god of Justice, Polor-god of the sky. gods of Neutralality: Setharus-god of Knowledge, Magivus-god of Magic, Chronesith-god of Time, Nefarus-god of the elements. gods of Darkness: Raziel- god of evil, Beltar- god of greed, Nerux- god of death, Korzann- god of war. That is a current list of the pantheon for Dracodonius. so without further adu here is the newest blog post centered around Major players in the upcoming book Mageeye: The Dracodonius Chronicles.

NAME: Gilgleam (Once known at Bogtharus) also known as The Platinum warrior, and the platinum Dragon.
One of the first gods to be woken in the great void, He is the known as the shining light that broke the void open. His Twin sister Raziel was the opposite; she is the one who wanted to keep the void closed. Between the two there was light and dark in the Void. They both brought with them other beings to populate the void. Gilgleam brought with him Lan, the goddess of Nature, and they became wed and had a son, Koranor. They also had a Daughter Polor. Gilgleam also brought with him his old friend Setharus who was a keeper of all knowledge. After all the immortals were gathered beings of light and Darkness as well as those who were loyal to both but neither, they decided to create a world. They created Dracodonius, Gilgleam inhabited the world with the elves. They are long lived races that have an affinity for Nature, out of respect for his wife, Lan. They had fair skin and hair that reflected the light, usually being blonde, light brown or other light colors. This was to reflect his affinity for the things of light and goodness. He taught the elves how to be one with the light and Lan taught them how to be one with Nature.

Gilgleam and the other gods left the world after inhabiting it with beings and creatures; it was shortly after this withdrawal that Gilgleam and the other gods discovered that their powers became stronger as the beings on Dracodonius worshiped them. This lead to the first war in the heavens, between Gilgleam and Raziel and the gods of light and dark, Raziel wanted to enslave the beings and force them to worship the gods to feed them more power, Gilgleam wanted to keep the free will of the beings intact so the gods went to war over this. Gilgleam lead the forces of Light against his twin who lead the forces of darkness. The heavens thundered and split open scaring the being that inhabited the world. This first war the mortal races never knew about and after the conclusion of it, the gods split the void up, the void became what the mortal called the outer planes. They were created by Gilgleam, Raziel, and Setharus and each god had a claim to a specific plane. Gilgleam and the gods of light claimed Celestia and the Beastlands, Raziel and her gods of darkness claimed Hades and the Abyss, Setharus and the gods of neutralality claimed the shadow and elemental planes. The remaining planes known as Archeron and Limbo were claimed by no one but are in a constant battle between the various denizens of the gods.

Gilgleam rules the gods of light from the platinum palace located at the top of the mighty mountain of Celestia. He has been known to visit the mortal plane of Dracodonius in great times of need and usually takes the form of an old man in blue robes, but has been known to engage his enimes as the great platinum warrior dressed in full plate mail armor astride a mighty winged warhorse. His constilation on the sky is that of a mighty dragon.