Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is Going on?

The next morning everyone woke and gathered in the dining hall. They were met with strange glances from the towns folk who had gathered there to eat for the morning.
"You would think that they would be greatful That we freed them from the Whisperes, but I have felt snow that is warmer than the glances from these people." Onyx stated.
"It matters not",Gemini stated looking back at the common people, "The Whispers' needed to be dealt with. They are a tool used by Eschathus in this war. If we had left them in control of this town then it would have been another foot hold for her to control the land."
"Just as we are tools for whatever plan you have once Eschathus is gone?" Snapped Silvara.
Gemini looked at the Elf and smiled a twisted smile, "Think what you will Woman." Then the mage stood and walked out of the inn.

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