Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gamming in the world of Dracodonius

I have been toying with the idea, after the first part of the book is released, about looking into either the new Dungeons and Dragons edition or even a D20 role play rules and releasing the world of Dracodonius as a role playing world. I have been out of the pen and paper game scene for so long I have lost track of it. Since the world that I am writing about started off as a game world for my old AD&D group almost 20 years ago it would only be logical to make it a game world again even if it is a pen and paper game that stands alone. What do you the follower think? I have the maps and notes for the way the world works and even have the plains laid out for gaming off world so to speak, a time line so that DM's could place their characters in any point. I cold even create it where the player characters are adventuring during the time of the book. There is much more going on than what is being described in the book. My point is the limitations are limitless.

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