Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Continued efforts

Just an update for you the followers of Mage Eye, I am still working diligently on the second draft of the book. It is still slated to be released this summer (2012) so stay tuned. I am wondering what you think about steam punk? I have recently become fascinated with this genre and I was thinking about incorporating a cutler similar to it in my book.If you are not familiar with the fantasy world of Dracodonius it is what is considered an epic fantasy world. It is a world that of course has your standard Fantasy elements of Dragons (There are over 20 different kinds on Dracodonius), Wizards (Dracodonius has four kinds of Magic), elves (Several different species) and Knights (Four major Organizations); But did you know that there are also Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghosts in the world as well. I have tried very hard to incorporate all the elements of the Fantasy genre into my work. Steam Punk is the newest Gere I would like to work into the book. What do you the reader think? I think it would be an interesting concept to have in a world of Dragons and wizards, a society based on technology powered by steam. I think it would fit in well. It would be based more on the Victorian kind of society instead of the apocalyptic version. My stumbling block with this is weather to create a new race that would follow this path or create it to where the humans discovered this form of technology?

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