Monday, October 31, 2011

Demon's Day

Since today is Halloween I thought that I would post a Holiday that is similar from my book. This day is known simply as Demon's day.
It started shortly after the war of the immortals but it came about shortly before. Shortly before the year 1003 Tiatharus opened the gates to the abyss and unleashed the the demons from her realm on to the land. These demons had never been to a mortal plane before and they were a little confused at first. These first demons were small ones and they only attacked beings of their size. When they came across the first human civilization the adults were bigger than they were so they started kidnapping children. This was so that they could learn more about the humans. When the humans realized what was happening they sent out a battalion of knights to search for the children. When it was discovered that the demons were abducting children the Human's prayed to their gods. The human's prayers were answered when Setharus, God of Knowledge, came to them and explained to them that the demons that were attacking their children were not very smart and that they could fool them by dressing their children up to look like demons.
So the humans did just that, they started dressing their children up to look like demons and when the demons started going into the towns they thought they won control of the towns with so many demons running around (they were in fact looking at the children dressed as demons). The real demons decided that with so many other demons in the town they would attack the adults, this of course failed and the demons were driven back. This was the first major conflict in the war of the immortals.
After the war the humans wanted to keep a reminder of this first major conflict, so they created Demon's day. A day where the children would dress up and go from home to home knocking on doors. The adults would then treat the children in remembrance of Setharus treating them with the knowledge to combat against the demons.
So that is a little brief history of one of the Holidays that exists in the world of Dracodonius. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave comments to let me know what you think and as always thank you for your interest in Mageeye: The Dracodonius Chronicles.

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  1. That was cool Max. I look forward to reading more.